An Orderly Home

At times I think I've tried it all. At times I look around me at the growing piles of clutter and am overwhelmed. I want order and everything in its place. I wish it would just automatically happen.

After humorously reading a bit of an Agatha Christie mystery with a fake British accent and being laughed at, I changed the conversation. "Who wants to help me declutter this year?" Silence. You could have heard a pin drop. Then, with a smile, one of my daughters replied "is that what you meant to say?" Hum. It was almost the last day of December. "Who wants to help me declutter next year?" Silence, with smiles. At least I know I have my family's full support with this endeavor. So, who's with me? 

I saw a dinosaur sticking halfway out the bottom of the dryer in our laundry room for almost a week. I think it is a raptor. My son would know, but obviously he was just overlooking it, too. So much can be easily overlooked. My word for the year is NOW. One thing I want now is for our house to be equally comfortable but much neater. I've joined several challenges which I hope will help me as I work on this with my family

A crew friend recommended tips shared on her Homemaking Organized; she also recommended Organized Home. Michele of Faith, and Fridays Blog is sharing 34 weeks of Clean with one new assignment each week. I've also subscribed to 52 weeks of home organization at Home Storage Solutions. Her first challenge was to have a specified container for giveaway and for sale items. That is already an improvement over the ever-rotating pile under our buffet. I'm still working on her next steps which are more paperwork/planning. Do you have a home management binder? 

Another challenge that my girls and I are returning to is the SSMT verse 1 Siesta Scripture Memory Team; we memorize a new verse and share it with the group on the first and fifteenth of each month. 

There is a supportive group of Christian bloggers called the Peony project. Renew is their January prompt. I'm working on renewing so much this year. My focus, my home, my goals. What are your goals? 


  1. I'm so with you and I even started already. I'm headed over to check out your links. Happy cleaning in 2015!

    1. Thanks, Tori. I do hope that many of these plans succeed.


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