Christmas Gift Guide for Sisters and Friends as Close as Sisters

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Gift Guide for Sisters and Christmas Blessings Giveaway

If you need a gift for your sister or a friend who is as close as a sister, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you. A well chosen gift is easier the better you know someone, so theoretically a sister should be one of the easiest people to shop for. Finding just the right gift can be as special as the gift itself. 

Does she have a unique hobby that she enjoys? A special tool that she might not be as likely to purchase for herself would probably be greatly appreciated. Or maybe you'd prefer to give her an ornament that features that hobby. Sewing, music, sports, whatever her special talent, Cuts by Laser can make an ornament that fits her perfectly and can even personalize it for a one of a kind decoration. 

One of my favorite gifts from my big sis is a simple photo album. Each time I open it it plays a song from our childhood. This Vintage Camera Photo Album is original. We explored antique shops while vacationing, and my mom showed me a vintage camera like her very first one. It was a Brownie. 

Lighthearted gifts can be fun. Almost every time she visits, my friend who is as close as a sister and I play the Blokus Game. Sometime we let the kids join us. I gave her a mini version (just for two people to play) one year for her birthday. 

What is your sister's favorite candy? I've enjoyed Lindt Lindor Truffles since my boss gave me a mug full of them during college when I worked as a babysitter (but the girls called me their sister.) My other favorite chocolates are York Peppermint Patties and GODIVA Open Oysters which are even available on Amazon! You can rarely go wrong with chocolate. 
Does she like to cook? Consider a gift of lessons to a special class you can attend together. Cake decorating and candy making classes are frequently offered at craft stores. A chef and teacher at our local community college teaches seasonal cooking classes. You could include tickets with an apron, a copy of your own favorite cookbook, or a fun kitchen gadget like the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer which has intrigued me since a friend told me about it. 
Sometime a homemade gift shows how much you have thought of the receipent. My girls and I enjoy making gifts in jars. From special seasoning mixes or artfully layered ingredients for cookies to scented sugar scrubs, jar gifts can be pretty and functional. Have you seen the lovely blue and green vintage style Ball canning jars? Choose your favorite cookie recipe (or find one in these free cookbooks from Betty Crocker or Pilsbury,) layer all of the dry ingredients, then create a lovely tag showing preparation instructions including what else needs to be added (eggs, vanilla, butter, and water.)

Baby it's cold outside! Scarves are popular right now as well as a welcome layer of warmth in this frosty weather. Pair a lovely Lilla Rose flexi clip or O-ring with a matching scarf in her favorite colors. http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair

Pictured from left to right: first is my personal favorite which is called Tidepool Treasures. Visit my PRETTYHAIR website, click "go shopping" then search by title in the keyword box or by size. A video on the landing page can help with sizing, too. Each month Lilla Rose offers an exclusive Flexi-of-the-Month. The second picture is the Peacock FOTM. Third is the Open Heart flexi-clip, and the fourth one is perfect for this season: the Sparkling Snowflake. 

Another thing that can be comforting in this cold weather is a hot drink. Does she prefer coffee or tea? A friend introduced us to our new favorite Sweet & Spicy Organic Caffeine Free Orange Tea. It doesn't even need sugar! A special mug or a teapot may mean more than you know. My cousin gave me a mug last Christmas, and I remember our special time together and pray for her every time that I use it.

Come back later this week for a Stocking Stuffers guide and a special giveaway and gift list from Family Christian Bookstores.

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  1. Anonymous11/17/2014

    Ohhhhh! I love some of these ideas! Thanks for posting!

  2. Winning would bless our family as things have been tight lately and we would be able to get some needed things.

  3. I would love to be able to buy something nice for my Dad who has done so much for my brother and I.

  4. We would be able to get the things that we have been needing. Maybe even a turkey for Thanksgiving (we're having Cornish hens this year, it's been tight lately) and we would still make sure that we are able to fill some shoeboxes for operation Christmas child! We would love to share the blessing!

  5. Winning would provide Christmas. How cool would that be?


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