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The following iWitness books were provided by Apologia Educational Ministries for the purpose of this TOS Schoolhouse Crew review.

Some of my favorite homeschool resources are published by 
Apologia Educational Ministries, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to review their iWitness books. We received all three of the books currently available in this new series: iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness. Each softcover book is $14.00. Two more will be released soon.

This series is written by Doug Powell who also wrote two interactive iWitness books: Resurrection iWitness and Jesus iWitness

The atypical format grabbed my son's attention when we read about these on the website. The first one he read was iWitness Biblical Archaeology. He needed a little help so read them with both my mom and with me. 

Age range: These are great books for many different ages, but the recommended reading level is for ages 11 and up. My 10 year old read them with me and with his Grandmommie. My girls are 15 and 17 and read them on their own but also discussed them with me. 

My 15 year old read the New Testament one. She is my child who asks for Bible studies and searches with me for just what she wants. She called this book creative and shared her insight with me: "A lot of information is put into each page, yet it is something to take your time and read for understanding."  They aren't long books, just about 60 pages each, but instead of reading through them quickly I recommend studying them slowly.

They are set up sort of like smashbook pages with pictures and facts added to each page like a pile of sticky notes. But the notes are orderly. Although we were given three separate books, they support each other. The Old Testament book contains pages about archaeology, and the New Testament one teaches us about the canons and the Codex Sinaiticus. 

We have all been reading through the Bible this year. The purpose of each book of the Old and New Testament in shared in the corresponding iWitness book. These books will continue to serve as a reference for our family. 

As a college freshman, one of my required courses was self defense. We learned when to back down and what was worth fighting for as well as how to protect ourselves. I found it interesting in the back of one of these books that the author referred to it as self defense. My oldest daughter read and discussed with me about the Old Testament iWitness book which shares how exploring the Old Testament can help us fully understand who Jesus Christ is.  The New Testament talks about what He did, and the Old Testament helps us see why He came and who He is. These books provide facts that support our Christian worldview. 

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