A Big Mug of Coffee

The following is a promotional post for Family Christian and Crazy Faith Coffee.

We were later than usual putting up our tree. The day after thanksgiving was my goal, but it ended up being about two weeks after that when we finally got to cut it. It worked out for the best as this close to Christmas it's still green and lovely. This picture was taken the day after we decorated our tree which perfectly coincided with the arrival of my package of Crazy Faith Coffee Awakening Blend

                                   You can order it through the Family Christian Website

Early in the mornings after my husband leaves for work and before the kids wake up, our house is quiet. Lately I've been turning our lights on our tree on during that quiet time and enjoying my coffee in front of our tree. 

Introducing Crazy Faith Coffee! 


"John and Josee Waller spend each morning together with God and a cup of coffee. They created Crazy Faith Coffee with the idea that Crazy Faith gets you off the couch and out the door. No matter what is holding you back, Crazy Faith Coffee will move you forward-- with a jolt of caffeine. Enjoy this Awakening Blend Ground Coffee!" 

We received a bag of Crazy Faith Awakening Blend Freshly roasted coffee from Family Christian. This caffeinated coffee is both Fair-trade & organic. Three of us in our house are coffee drinkers, and we are all enjoying this variety. It has replaced our typical can of coffee since it arrived.


Disclaimer: This Faithbox was provided by Family Christian for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No compensation was provided. 

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