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Our Vacation Bible School is next week! We attended our regional VBS training for the first time and learned so many fun ideas to use with our VBS. Our whole family is involved in helping out with VBS at our church this year. My parents are helping with snacks. One daughter is leading music, the other is leading the 3 and 4 year old class, and I'll be helping with missions. My son gets to participate, though he will have the advantage of already knowing the songs he has been watching his big sis practice.

Today we spent several hours working on crafts and decorations. My oldest daughter has all kinds of fun things planned for the 3 and 4 year old class like these big binoculars made from pool noodles and duct tape. 

If you read here very often, you know about my clutter problem. I finally found another use for that massive box of plastic spoons--egg shakers maracas! I can't claim this as an original idea. One of the group leaders at our local VBS training had tried it with her first graders and suggested this to us.

Gather supplies:
plastic eggs
dried beans
plastic spoons
decorative tape

supplies for homemade maracas

Fill the plastic eggs with dried beans. 
homemade egg shakers

Position the filled egg between two plastic spoons. 

Wrap decorative tape to secure spoons together and keep egg in place. We taped around the center of the egg for extra reinforcement against potential spilled beans. (Glitter tape does not stick well to itself for this project.)

how to make maracas

Our theme is "Off the map." Did you know--When you shop at Family Christian they support many "off the map" causes! See how they give by clicking here. They also have craft projects perfect for large groups like VBS. 

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