Book Review: A Warrior's Faith

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A Warrior's Faith is the story of Ryan Job, the first Navy SEAL to be severely wounded in Iraq. It is a war story, not at all light reading. It is shared from the point of view of a friend with whom many of his experiences had been shared about after they happened. The book shares more than his SEAL service; it shares of the "butterfly effect" impact that his life had on so many others. 

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As I read the biography of this hero, I learned a lot about SEAL training. For instance I didn't know of the extensive medical training that was a part of their preparation. 

"He quickly experienced the personal aspect of war: at its most basic, war is one person desperately working to kill another...Television news displays a version of war that viewers want to see, sanitized and impersonal. The truth is too damaging, too raw, too ruthless." 

The author frequently referred to the "hedge of protection" that seemed to often surround the hero as well as the similarities to the Biblical man with the same name. Ryan Job shared these priorities in his life with his wife Amy:

"1. His Lord and Savior,
2. Her, his wife, and
3. His Family and Friends."

This book is the story of an American hero. Circumstances in his life were met with a the same determination that he used in his SEAL training. That injury I alluded to was described in step by painful step detail. Ryan Job was left blind because of enemy fire on a rooftop in Iraq, but the story doesn't end there. In fact, the story is just beginning as his Navy career ends. The author, Robert Vera, who later became friends with the hero, shares about Ryan's life after blindness changed it. This is a story of his marriage, his determination to excel beyond his limitations, and his impact on countless others. From the unexpected support group SSITH (Seals Shot In The Head) to life stories including a powerful one about forgiveness, this book kept my attention. 

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  1. This sounds like a book that would be difficult to read... but well worth it because of the truth and lessons therein.

    1. Katrina, I wasn't prepared for the intensity of the book. It was not easy to read because of the circumstances shared, but the writing style was engaging. This isn't the type of book you would typically find on my shelf, but I'm glad I had this opportunity to move away from my norm for this book. It was absolutely worth reading.

  2. Since my daughter (and a son) wants to go into the military, I might buy this book for her. Or I might still buy the Mr. and Mrs. mugs that I have wanted for awhile.

  3. Sounds like a good read!


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