Christianity Cove, a Schoolhouse Crew Review

     For this review I received two downloads to eBooks from Christianity Cove. I opened Outstanding Object Lessons and Make and Take Bible Crafts on my iPad through my i Books app which was extremely convenient for reading while travelling. Each of the included lessons from both of these resources can be used as a stand alone lesson.

     When I was a little girl, the most memorable sermons from my pastor included object lessons. I still remember how he vividly shared how Jesus washed our sins away while demonstrating how a cross covered with filth turned sparkling white right before our eyes. I'm a visual learner, so those lessons were particularly clear to me. When I read about Christianity Cove's Outstanding Object Lessons, I was reminded of Bro. Jimmy's sermons and my interest was piqued. Click on the website and you can learn about the Fizzy Faith object lesson which is only one of the 28 lessons included for $28.00.

     Make and Take Bible crafts interested me equally because it includes crafts that can be done while kids are learning from the Bible. Simple crafts are shared that correspond to 20 Old Testament stories, 20 stories about Jesus, and 7 crafts to reinforce Christian virtues. These 47 crafts (with Bible stories) are on sale for $29.00.

     We have been visiting my Powpow's church for a few months now. A small country church, we don't have children's Sunday School (I actually prefer the family integrated classes, but that is a completely different discussion) but are using these "Sunday School Lessons" in a different way. We are assisting with VBS this year, and the theme is warriors from the Bible. I was able to look through these two resources and find quite a few activities related to the warriors that our leader wants to focus on. I then printed the specific lessons to incorporate with the VBS plans.

     The supplies are simple, primarily construction paper, scissors, and glue with some additional typical household items. Some of the activities I decided not to use with the littlest children just to avoid potential problems such as the bracelets made with paperclips. If we were only doing them with my own children, who are 9-15, all of them would be appropriate.

     For the Light of the World Lantern craft, Emily (13) followed the directions and made the brown lantern pictured below. Joseph (9) learned from her and made the yellow one. I like that the lessons are simple enough for my daughter to teach her little brother. This corresponded well with our family study of I John which has focused on Jesus as the Light of the world.

     Some of the instructions weren't quite as easy to follow. Joseph tried making Joshua's golden trumpet, but even after assisted by his 15 year old sister it didn't quite turn out like the one pictured. The pictures accompanying the crafts are helpful.

Joshua's golden trumpet

     Kids can take this craft home and use it to illustrate as they retell about Samson in their own words.

     If you sign up at the Christianity Cove website, you can receive a free download of some of their games to try for yourself! You can also find them on Facebook. The author of these resources, Mary Kate Warner, responded personally to my email when I inquired about my daughter teaching with me. Look into the options, you may find just the resource you are looking for.  


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  1. The Make N Take Crafts look really neat. I am responsible for Crafts for a Kids Camp in July for our Association. I'll bet there are quite a few inexpensive ideas in the book that would go with our Bible Study each day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That sounds like a fun camp, Lynn. Compared to many other resources, these are very inexpensive craft ideas.

  2. I like object lessons, too; visual learner, as are most of my kids. :)

  3. I love object lessons! I used to use them a lot when I taught children's church.


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