Sweet and Tangy Fruit Dip

1/3 cup Sucanat
1 cup Greek Yogurt

     This was so easy to make. Combine all ingredients and stir until mixed. My daughter helped me stir it up, and we tried it on sliced apples and bananas. Any fresh fruit would be delicious with this dip. 

     The above version is delicious and had a pretty toffee color. For my Powpow and my own current attempt at cutting calories I also tried the fruit dip with Equal Sucralose instead of the sucanat. This made a solid white dip. You could add a bit of orange food color to change it from looking like mayonnaise and give a hint to the peach flavor. 

   Devo Olive Oil Co. shared a sample of their Sweet Georgia Peach White Balsamic Vinegar for my original creation.

     Join me and the other Moms of Masterbooks Tuesday night October 2 at 8pm central for Masterbook's A Book And A Bite Facebook Party sponsored by Devo Olive Oil Co. We will be discussing Ken Ham's book Already Gone and sharing recipes so good that they are already gone before the party gets started.

Prizes include:
Already Gone by Ken Ham; softcover & digital
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World; softcover & digital
Answers Books for Kids Vol 1; hardcover & digital
Answers Books for Teens Vol 1; softcover & digital

Best Bite Recipe Prize:
$25 Gift Certificate to Master Books

Grand Prize:
$50 Gift Certificate to Master Books
Hope to see you there!

     Disclaimer: Devo Olive Oil Co. provided a sample for creating a recipe for this party. No other compensation was provided.

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