We decorated our tree the first Sunday of this month. I found a special package in the mailbox sent from my cousin, ornaments that had been our Grandmother's. I am blessed to have so many happy memories of a loving family.
     A friend shared one of these festive goodies with each of my children:
     Joseph immediately began eating the gumdrops off of his, but the girls' ornaments survived and stayed pretty a little longer.

     This cute one came from my secret Santa at Collective Bias:

     We tried making cinnamon applesauce ornaments once before in the past, but this time I included a secret ingredient that made a huge difference. The house smelled wonderful while they were drying, and the ornaments still have a light cinnamon fragrance. We may add a drop of cinnamon essential oil to each one when we unpack them next year.

     These are so fun to make, kind of like playing with play dough. First drain all liquid from applesauce. Mix in enough cinnamon to form a thick dough. Ready for the secret? Elmer's glue! Squirt a bit of glue and work it into the dough to help hold it all together.



  1. How mice to have your Grandmothers ornaments! Your cinnamon ones came out great, too! Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the ornaments:) I still have the Cinnamon ornaments my kids made 4 years ago and they still smell great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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