TOS Review: Yesterday's Classics

     Yesterday's Classics shared a download of their entire library of books for the purpose of this review. You can view their full catalog online:
They sell the complete set of 225 books as either Kindle or EPUB versions. Through May 31st they will be $99.95 for the set. They also sale individual "real" books for $9.95-$11.95 each. 

     Many of these are hard to find books, which I have been unable to use before when included in recommended book lists. Other titles are favorites that we have checked out of the library in the past such as Charles and Mary Lamb’s Tales From Shakespeare.

     They even let you try a free download; just scroll down  their webpage for that option.

     The books that had color illustrations in the original format have the same illustrations in these versions, in full color.

     Two years ago, seeing the size of a download like this would have overwhelmed me. These downloads came with specific instructions, which if followed correctly worked well. They shared formats for popular e-readers and instructions on how to access them directly on your computer. We first read these on the computer screen, but during  the review period purchased a black and white version of the Nook. With this, we read together, but return to the  computer version to see a large view of the full color illustrations.

     One feature that helps these books be easy to use is that you can click on the individual links in the table of contents in each book.

     I like to read, and this collection from Yesterday’s Classics is filled with stories that my children and I are enjoying. As a resource, though, this is so much more than just good books. For our school, these titles cover science, history, faith, literature, and much more. 

 Disclaimer: We were provided with a download of this product for the purpose of this review.

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