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     One of the most helpful products we received to review this year with the TOS Homeschool Crew is the set from Institute for Excellence in Writing. In the introductory video, Mr. Pudewa advises us to just “dive in” and try. That is what we did. As I teach my children I see areas that I need to address. This intensive writing course also made some of their grammar needs evident. The company provides support including an active Yahoo group, and they advise addressing needs (such as those revealed in my daughter’s grammar mistakes) as they happen.

     This is not a program designed to just hand to your older student for independent study. The extensive teacher’s guide does just that- it is filled with information to guide you as you implement the program with your students. The student DVDs have Mr. Pudewa teaching your child, but they do not provide every lesson. You still need to familiarize yourself with the program to teach your child. Because I multitask, the television rarely gets my complete attention in the same way that a live lecturer does. I have listened to most of these DVDs in the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, and I am still learning each time I listen. I like the DVD format that I can refer back to over and over. There are actually more DVDs for the teacher than there are provided for the student. Heather watched most of the teacher DVDs with me in addition to her student lessons. His occasional humor as well as scenarios about teaching violin helped hold my daughter’s attention. There are also downloads available from the website available for your continuing education.

     IEW provides lessons in writing the way I wish I had learned years ago. I had a college history professor who told history as an interesting story. I loved listening to the stories he shared, and I took page after page of notes. I did not, however, recall enough of the information for an A+ in that class. With this program I might have.

     This is not what Mr. Pudewa calls “creative writing idea books.” I received the Level C Teaching  Writing/Student Writing Intensive Combo Pack plus a Portable Wall which includes lessons for the teacher. The package's arrival- 11/1/10 exactly coincided with the beginning of NaNoWriMo! The package arrived securely taped, and it was cushioned inside with recycled copy paper packages. My package included two binders and two sets of DVDs as well as the folded Portable Wall

      The six DVD set “Teaching Writing: Structure and Style” taught me how to teach my children much more than just writing. I heartily agree with his comments about not erasing/ using a pencil.  Check out the website for many more products from IEW. We also downloaded one with a poem for my son to memorize “Ooey Gooey.” Later after I read him a different poem, he related the sound of it to Ooey Gooey. We have already ordered this product to use next year. See what other crew members reviewed here


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  1. I've enjoyed reading your review. IEW is one of the many programs on my wishlist. I originally saw it at a small homeschool conference 2 years ago and was immediately hooked. Thank you for sharing your insight on the product..


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