TOS Review: Science Weekly

   Science Weekly is a is a topic oriented study designed for multiple levels:        Pre-A= Kindergarten
Level A= Grade 1
Level B= Grade 2
Level C= Grade 3
Level D= Grade 4
Level E= Grades 5-6

    We received all levels and the teacher’s edition of The Flu. Each level is a 4 page (2 front and back) lesson written to that age level. Joseph completed the Level A. New words flu, sick, cough, sneeze, and virus were in fact new words for him to read. They were used throughout the lesson in many ways including vocabulary and used in sentences. The Math section encouraged proper handwashing for 30 seconds using a familiar song. He enjoys experiments and quickly told me he could find everything we needed to do the one on his paper.

     The teaching notes supplement includes answers for all levels as well as information to assist the teacher in explaining the topic. Each level includes key words, math, and writing activities. The younger level also includes storytelling. My children’s favorite section was the weekly lab activity.

     From level E, Emily was able to recall that the flu is a short name for influenza and the germs can be spread to others before you even know that you are sick.

     Look at the Science Weekly website for a free sample download http://www.scienceweekly.com/downloads.html about the coral reef. There are also links to coloring sheets and several interactive versions that have a similar format to the printed ones we received. 

     A subscription to Science Weekly includes 15 issues per year for $19.95 per student, or they offer a classroom rate of $4.95 per student per year for 15 issues, for 20 or more copies.

    Disclaimer: We were provided with a download of this product for the purpose of this review. 

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