TOS Review: Big IQ Kids

     As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, our family was given access to two one-year long membership accounts to BigIQkids for the purpose of this review. 

     BigIQkids is an online educational program for elementary and middle school children.

     After the girls signed in the first time they were instructed to create their game buddy.  Math, vocabulary, states, and spelling lessons can be chosen. The lessons can be completed fairly quickly. Multiple lessons can be completed each time your child logs into the program. As they complete lessons they earn tokens to redeem by playing games.

     In the math section, there is a "worksheet space" whiteboard to the right of their lesson in which they can write out their problems if needed.
     The vocabulary section can be modified by adding your own words.
     Their U. S. States program includes an interactive map. Children are tested on each state's spelling, capital, location, and abbreviation.
     Like vocabulary, their spelling program can also use words you input. Several spelling "games" are played before the child is tested on their spelling words. You can custom design up to 40 lessons or use their standard lessons for your child's grade.

     I receive frequent e-mail updates as the girls work through the different levels in the program, and I get smiles back from the girls when I read them out loud even when it isn’t a glowing report. I like the inclusion of the missed question, too, which I can then review with her. You can also link to a progress report section to review your child's grades on lessons and quizzes. 

    My youngest daughter is too young to have her own Facebook account, yet she enjoys the games that she plays on ours. She was happy to find that some of the games she already enjoys are ones she can choose to play as she earns coins by completing levels in the Big IQ program. Though there is not a separate parent account, I can change the settings within each child's account. 

      A one year premium membership is available for $99. Additional options are available  on their website, including many free programs! 
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