TOS Crew Review: Latin for Children

     This has been one of those courses that has changed how we homeschool, again. Our family was given the Latin for Children A, Mastry Bundle for this review. 

     The Latin for Children Mastery Bundle includes all of the LFC A materials. Includes one copy of each: Primer A (textbook), Primer A Answer Key, DVDs & Chant CD, History Readerand Activity Book! This bundle is $99.95. We also tried many of these free resources that they offer. 

     The course introduction shares why Latin is one of the most beneficial subjects we can study. The romance languages (descended from Rome) are all descended from Latin, so the study of Latin will later help you with one of these foreign languages. “Professions like law and science are steeped in Latin.” Latin grammar will also help you understand how the English language works. 

     Though this is geared to grades 3-6, our whole family enjoyed using this program. My 1st grade son especially enjoyed the “spaghetti western”  films added to the end of several lessons. My 5th grader was easily engaged in the workbook lessons included. My 7th grader didn’t feel like the program was too elementary for her, and she learned with the others. We all listened to the CD and learned the chants together while in the van. 

     The DVDs and CDs pronounce both the classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations of Latin, you can choose which version to listen to for each lesson, or learn both! (We chose Ecclesiastical.)

     I do recommend you learn this with your children instead of just using it as an independent study with the DVD. In the chapter 1 worksheet, for instance, the correct fill in the blank translation of fabula is “fable,” however in the chant the students are only taught “story” so you do need to do these lessons together instead of just marking their answer as incorrect. Later when taught derivatives, fable is taught.

     Each lesson is taught on the DVD. “We have tried to make your study of Latin delightful, enjoyable, and engaging.” I think they accomplished that goal! 

     In Primer A the children memorize 240 Latin words. These words are presented by children as a chant, designed initially for your child to hear and repeat. The same chants are also shared on a CD. We listened to the CD in its entirety repeatedly, so when new lessons were started my children were already familiar with their words. The chant of vocabulary words, declensions, and conjugations is followed by a Latin grammar lesson. Workbook pages correspond to each lesson, and later lessons incorporate the History reader with 15 chapters of ancient Rome and Greece.

     Printable flashcards and a teacher’s guide are available online. They also have an online game that corresponds with the lessons your child is learning, which reinforces each lesson. Many additional resources and products are available from Classical Academic Press. Levels B and C are available for additional years, Latin Alive for high school, and Song School Latin for younger children. 

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  1. We really enjoyed Song School Latin! Latin For Children sounds great too ;)

  2. We LOVED Song School Latin! Your program sounds awesome. (And thank you for your tips on my laundry post.) ;)

  3. Thanks for reviewing this program. I'm glad you're enjoying it, too! :)

  4. I think I am going to want to get this for my boys, some day! Jen is really enjoying Latin Alive, and we can use it later for the boys. But I think it would be beneficial for them to start with the lower levels....Great review.

  5. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. We love Song School Latin and are planning on doing this one next!


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