TOS review of Easy Classical

     Easy Classical shared their Early Modern Age History Schedule. Though it can be adapted, the schedule is designed to be used with these books and resources.  This link (which is actually sold as a notebook version for $35.95 or a download for $29.95) includes a 36 week scheduled plan for K-6th grade history. Also included are an instruction sheet, materials lists, comprehension questions, and drawing guides for several items of interest in the study including the first church in Salem and the Liberty Bell.

      In the instructions, they share that you do not have to do everything in the schedule. They have multiple activities for different learning styles and encourage you to adapt it to fit your needs. 

     From the company: "The framework of these schedules is structured around the recommendations of Susan Wise Bauerʼs book The Well-trained Mind: a Guide to Classical Education at Home. Read this book for an excellent foundation on which to base your child's schooling."

     The main topics in this schedule (further broken down each week) are: explorers, 13 colonies, colonial America, road to independence, and revolution. Lessons include reading, comprehension, review, writing, copywork, art, history, and geography. Other schedules are also available for purchase at http://www.easyclassical.com/

     Disclaimer: My family received a download link to this schedule for the purpose of this review. 
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