TOS review: Schleich

     As a reviewer for the TOS homeschool crew, I received these beautifully painted toys from Schleich's World of Nature Wildlife and Farmlife collections. I was impressed with the details such as the silver horseshoes. These animals enhanced our geography studies as we were able to see and learn about animals from some of the places we have been learning about.
  • 1 Swabian Hall Piglet Eating

  • 1 Donkey

  • 1 Dartmoor Pony

  • 1 Asian Elephant Calf

  • 1 Okapi

  • 1 Gnu(also known as wildebeest)

  • 1 Gnu Calf

  • 1 Przewalski's Horse

  • 1 Collector's Booklet
As you look up specific animals at the Schleich website, you can learn more about them such as their "fun facts" like the Przewalski's horse is the only "wild" horse left on the planet. Scientific facts are also shared including the animal's zoological name, conservation status, and global home.
     Joseph's commented as he helped me open the package: "You know Mamma, where baby Jesus was born where we set that up for Christmas? The donkey can go there." He went on to ask "Did they have elephants there?" We may have a creative nativity arrangement this year. I learned from other reviewers that Schleich has actually made a nativity in the past. That is another thing to add to my wishlist. Although you cannot order directly from them, there is a store locator on the Schleich website. Prices vary depending on the retailer they are purchased from and the items purchased. I have noticed them in stores since beginning this review including a bicycle shop and several Target stores. The "playing and collecting 2010" catalog that accompanied the animals was almost as much fun to look through as playing with the animals. With Schleich, "Anywhere's a playground" means that there are no limits on your imagination: not where you play and not how you play. With no need for instructions or translation you can play with Schleich anywhere in the world. Our toys travelled with us in our camper. Emily and Joseph played together with these, and I appreciated that they were easy to pack and didn't take up much space.  Please read what the Crew has to say and then check out Schleich's high quality toys for yourself.
Disclaimer: Schleich sent me these awesome animal figurines for the purpose of this review.

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